About the Event

Dirty Gender Secrets
A Multi-media Art Event
October 21 -23, 2005
Video In Studios 1965 Main Street Vancouver BC

A three-day, multi-media art event brought forth to unearth the gender dirt we're afraid to say, not allowed to mention - but are going to do it anyway. The first of its kind in Vancouver, Dirty Gender Secrets is a trans/gendering art event that will expose both dominant and alternate myths about gender while understanding that gender doesn't exist in a vacuum, re-contextualizing trans/gendering as a complex experience within the framework of pan-American colonialisms.

Whilst digging the dirt, Dirty Gender Secrets celebrates those who got us here with generations of persistence and brilliant resiliency. As well, DGS will engage blossoming trans/genderers and allies who creatively de-construct and re-construct our histories, bodies, lives, relationships, oppressions/resistance - and dare to dream a future bigger than western-gender-medicine-machines, toxic modern freak shows and the absolutely unnecessary gender competition that permeates contemporary life.

October 21-23 is your opportunity to check out our dirtiest gender secrets, even if these secrets are totally banal and un-luxurious. We will showcase all these stories, theories, whatever - that are hard to tell, vastly ignored, complicated, painful and strikingly gorgeous.

**This is a disAbility friendly event, and will be adamantly scent and chemical free!

About us:

Samonte L. Cruz: technical genius, late-night seamstress, derelict lover and breed-Filipino madman. He loves gender, especially when it is sparkly. He loves his manbride, his nephew, his community even when it hurts.

Louis Esme Cruz: gay homosexual, Mixed Mi’kmaq Mud Man, and academic pie eater. S/he enjoys crusty queens, scary monsters with soft spots, and late night theorizing. S/he also loves all the things Samonte loves because s/he likes copying him.


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